TENS Cefar Femina Pain Relief Device

TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) has been clinically tested and is used daily by elite athletes, physiotherapists and other healthcare providers around the world. Unlike painkillers and other forms of pain-relief, TENS is a safe treatment method with no side effects for you or your baby.

Pregnant women should not use a TENS device during their first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Combined, the Active Mama Pelvic Support Belt and TENS device give women suffering from pelvic girdle pain the best possible pain relief and stability.

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When during my pregnancy can I start using TENS?

There is no medical evidence to show that using TENS at the beginning of a pregnancy is risky in any way. However, to ensure the complete safety of you and your baby, we recommend that you first start using TENS after your pregnancy has passed 12 weeks. After that time, you can use your CEFAR FEMINA TENS device regularly to learn how to use it effectively and to prepare yourself for your delivery.

Use the stimulator to treat any back and other pain you may experience during your pregnancy. You can also begin stimulation at home as soon as your contractions begin. Not only that, you can also use TENS to soothe any pain you might feel after your delivery/Caesarean section.

Does electrical stimulation cause any side effects?

No. Unlike pain medication, for example, stimulation using TENS is completely free of side effects for both you and your baby.


Active Mama Pelvic Support Belt

If you suffer from pelvic girdle pain or SPD related to pregnancy, then the Active Mama Pelvic Support Belt is for you. Active Mama stabilises your pelvic joints and supports your lower back and stomach, helping you enjoy a comfortable pregnancy. Learn more about Active Mama here »