Active Mama’s Privacy Policy

Updated Oct 10, 2018

Your personal integrity
We safeguard the integrity of our customers and to handle our customers’ personal information in a safe manner in accordance with current legislation. This policy aims at transparently describing the handling of personal data that occurs within the framework of Active Mama’s operations.

Active Mama only handles personal data for specific purposes, as described in more detail below. Mainly, personal data are processed in our customer management system and financial and accounting systems. The information we collect is needed to enable us to process and expedite purchases, replacements and complaints, for our accounting, and to provide our customers with a good and reliable service. We collect data from new stakeholders and potential customers who requested more information about our products or our company. We make mailing and newsletters to the corporate customers who chose to subscribe to news from us. Active Mama is responsible for all processing of the personal data we collect in order to conduct our business.

Personal Data
Personal data are all kinds of information that can be attributed to a living physical person. The personal information which Active Mama collects and processes consists mainly of name, address, e-mail address, phone number, order number and customer number. Details needed to complete the contract and delivery. Active Mama also collects information about our business customers’ product and assortment interests, based on information provided by our customers and the activities the customer is conducting.

Collection of personal data
Active Mama mainly collects personal information in the form of the information provided directly to us by our customers and stakeholders. Either with the support of consent or in order to fulfil contractual relations with our customers.

For our corporate customers, information is collected when the company becomes a customer of us, in connection with booking of customer meetings or through personal contact with the company at trade fairs or other events. We handle data about our business customers in our customer management system and in our accounting and accounting system, including transactions, orders and invoices.

For our private customers (consumers who trade with us or contact Active Mama), personal information is collected in case you subscribe to our newsletter via our website, register as a customer on our website or use the purchase function in our web shop. We do not handle private customers’ tasks in our customer management system. Information is, however, addressed in our financial and accounting system and in our website platform.

We use cookies on our website. Cookies are locally stored data collected to optimize your use of our site. Read our cookie policy here.

Collection and processing of personal data can also be made regarding the information you provide in contact with our customer service, both as a private or corporate customer.

Legal basis for processing personal data
Active Mama only handles personal information when we have legal grounds to do so. Personal data is retrieved and processed both on the basis that Active Mama is able to fulfil the agreements we have with our customers and / or with the agreement of our customers. Data may be processed for a longer period if required for accounting purposes.

Storage, deletion and deletion of personal data
Active Mama only retains personal data as long as it is necessary to save the data to fulfil the purposes for which they were collected.

Data contained in our customer management system changes or is deleted when the customer relationship has expired or changed, such as when staff has left or company changed address. Our customer management system only contains information about our corporate customers and employee staff / contacts.

Information collected through our site is deleted and modified as specified in “Buy on our website” below. As a rule, we only store information that is necessary to assist and follow up a purchase you made in our web shop, as well as information provided by your active consent to register as a customer with us or subscribe to our newsletter.

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