The pelvic support belt for active mothers

Live an active, enjoyable life while carrying your baby.

The pelvic support belt for active mothers

Live an active, enjoyable life while carrying your baby.

Female doctor recommends Active Mama

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Pelvic support belt for active pain relief

Active Mama is an all-new type of pelvic support belt. If you suffer from pelvic girdle pain or excessive movement of the pubic joint (SPD) related to pregnancy, then the Active Mama Pelvic Support Belt is for you.

How does it work?
Active Mama both relieves pain and stabilises your pelvis. It can also be combined with a TENS pain-relief device for added comfort. Put simply, it’s a belt for every mother who wants to live an active, enjoyable, pain-free life during their pregnancy.

What makes Active Mama different?
The Active Mama belt is wider, includes support for your lower back and has Velcro straps at the front for easy opening and closing.

Safe, comfortable design
Active Mama was designed by a registered physiotherapist and qualified industrial designer for your safety, comfort and peace of mind. Its special design is CE-marked and has been registered as protected within the EU.

Active Mama helps you live your life!

At home

Active Mama lets you be both comfortable and active at home. It provides both pain relief and support for your lower back, pelvis and stomach when standing for long periods while doing chores such as cooking and cleaning.

What’s more, combining Active Mama with a TENS device can further improve your pain relief during more demanding activities, such as cleaning. Active Mama is so comfortable and versatile that you can even use it at night if you feel pain when turning over in bed.

At work

We all know it’s good to vary your position while you work, such as by switching between sitting, standing and walking. As a pregnant mother, is this difficult for you?

Active Mama gives you the freedom to choose. The belt’s special design, including

  • a pad that stabilises your rear pelvic joints
  • extended support for your lower back and
  • a convenient two-piece front section for easy opening

gives you the support you need to keep working and avoid having to take sick leave.

Leisure time

Pelvic girdle pain/SPD often cause tiredness and limit what you can do in your leisure time. Just moving around can be difficult! Active Mama can give you back the fun and stimulating leisure time you enjoyed before your pregnancy by allowing you to keep doing your favourite activities.


Using Active Mama while travelling will ensure you arrive feeling more rested and with fewer back, pelvic and leg problems. For extra comfort, its special design lets you open just one of the front fasteners to release the pressure around your groin, making travel more pleasant.


The Active Mama belt is made of a strong, light and flexible material that is also breathable, so you never need to feel overheated. You can wear it either under or over your sports clothes and can continue working out the whole way through your pregnancy. After exercise, your Active Mama belt can be washed in a washing bag at 40 °C, just like any other clothing.


Pushing a shopping trolley or pulling one behind you can cause pelvic girdle pain/SPD due to the shearing force it causes in your back and pelvis. Active Mama reduces these forces, helping you manage your shopping more comfortably.

The Problem

SPD/Pelvic girdle pain

Are you one of the more than 20 per cent of all pregnant women who suffer from pelvic pain?

Ordinarily, your pelvis has a self-locking construction, but hormones loosen this “lock” during pregnancy, causing pain. This can make it difficult for you to walk, sit, rise from a sitting position and turn over in bed, for example.

Since pain medication is not suitable for pregnant women and should only be taken with a doctor’s supervision, how can you manage discomfort and still live your life?

Active Mama can provide the support you need to enjoy an active, pain-free pregnancy.

Active Mama bäckensmärta


A support belt that stabilises your pelvis

The Active Mama Pelvic Support Belt may just be the answer to your pelvic girdle pain problems. It’s made from a strong but soft material that is also breathable and can be combined with a TENS pain-relief device for even greater comfort. Active Mama is perfect for use in between your underwear and clothing.

Enjoy your pregnancy!

With the Active Mama Pelvic Support Belt, you can!


How to use your Active Mama belt

Fastening your Active Mama belt is easy. First, simply join the two front sections covered in Velcro. Next, adjust the four side straps to achieve the perfect fit. Your belt should sit low over your hips and provide support over the muscular attachments on each side of your pelvis.

Active Mama is designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. For example, each front fastener can be opened separately to let you loosen your belt slightly when you sit down without needing to take it off. You can also combine your belt with a TENS pain-relief device for optimal comfort.

Watch the video to see how to use your Active Mama belt.

User reviews

The [Active Mama] model is wider [than other belts] and so covers the lower back. This is important, since many [pregnant mothers] have a combination of pelvic girdle pain and lower back pain. The cushion that stabilises the pelvis’ rear joints is another positive feature. There is definitely a demand for a belt like this on the market.
Knut Haadem
There’s an enormous need for this type of pelvic support belt on the market. Active Mama is different from other [brands] in that it uses a much more flexible [material] and is wider. It’s fantastic that it can be combined with a TENS pain-relief device.
Marianne Molin och Eva Barner
I was in urgent need of pain relief while participating in an agility competition with my dog. The belt made a big difference and I was able to run a number of agility courses during a weekend, whereas I could only manage one before. The Active Mama belt made my recovery much faster. Its four Velcro straps let me adjust it to just the right fit, and they stayed in place for the whole day. This was the first time I used a pelvic support belt, but it definitely won’t be the last!
Anna Karlsson
The Active Mama Pelvic Support Belt holds your pelvic bones together and stays in place while you walk. Very happy with the belt. It’s nice-looking, comfortable and it works
Helena Sjöholm


Gertrud Blomstrand, Physiotherapist & Industrial Designer

As a physiotherapist, I help treat people who are in pain on a daily basis. Some of my patients are pregnant women suffering from pelvic girdle pain.

As a mother of three children myself, I know just how much strain pregnancy can put on a woman’s body, and while women’s bodies are designed to carry babies, the child-bearing experience can be very different from mother to mother. Some women suffer from excessive movement of the pubic joint (SPD) or pelvic girdle pain, for example.

Nobody knows exactly why this happens, but there’s no need to suffer! Help is available. Personally, I came to take a special interest in meeting the needs of expectant mothers after many years working as a physiotherapist. The result was Active Mama, an effective solution to SPD and pelvic girdle pain for modern women.